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Our YouTube videos range from home property tours, to community spotlights, and more! They help to share what makes your home and neighborhood most special directly with our followers and potential buyers.

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Why YouTube.com?

YouTube.com isn't the 2nd most accessed search engine on the planet by accident. Falling behind Google, YouTube.com has over a billion users. How in the world did they get so big? Consumers like video. 

It's user friendly. It's always accessible. It is entertaining. It is educational. It captures emotion. It creates virtual experience. If you had the chance to do all these things with an impactful video displaying your new listing, wouldn't you?

Neighborhood Highlights

If houses are like spouses, a neighborhood is like the extended family. But while you can have a good marriage and still dread holidays with the in-laws, you'll never love a house if you don't like your neighborhood.

Our approach is simple: sell the area, sell the neighborhood, sell the home. Falling in love with the area will make finding the perfect home that much easier. 

Property Tours

An essential piece of our marketing strategy is to create a uniquely original video to promote your property to our followers and potential buyers. Every home is different and therefore requires a different approach when developing a marketing video. 

Today's buyers want to be able to experience the home prior to seeing it in-person. Our videos give buyers the experience of being there without being there.

Agent Videos

Buying or selling your home is a life-changing event. Wouldn't you like to know who will be negotiating on your behalf as soon as you decide who will represent you? We would.

Each of our agents have an "Agent Video" to give our clients the opportunity to "meet" them prior to the first listing meeting or home showing.  

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